Why Parents Need to Find Their Children a Pediatric Physician

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Did you know, according to BabyCenter.com, that more than 4 million children are born in the United States every year? When our children are born, it is our job to teach them, to provide for them, and to keep them safe from all threats, physical, mental, or otherwise. A huge part of keeping them safe is providing them with pediatric care for all of their needs. As will be seen, failing to do so can lead to a slew of health conditions, acute or chronic, that can change their lives forever.

Why Pediatric Physicians Are Essential

  • Treatment of Common Illnesses
  • One of the most important reasons to seek out pediatric physicians is for the treatment of common medical conditions, like influenza and the common cold. Too many parents assume that these common conditions are innocuous and that their children will simply recover. However, as statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show, as many as 4,900 people still die annually because of the flu. In 2011 alone, 122 children under age 5 died from the sickness. Protect your children from this and other common conditions with a childrens pediatric physician.

  • Vaccinations
  • Vaccinations represent one of the great leaps forward in healthcare. According to UNICEF, one vaccination can protect against as many as five illnesses. Many parents are reticent to have pediatrics doctors inoculate their children because of possible side-effects. However, only one in a million children will suffer any serious consequences due to a vaccine. On the other hand, vaccines are, by-and-large, shown to be extremely beneficial to all. Children who have been vaccinated against measles, for example, are 35 times less likely to contract the disease.

  • Protect Against Obesity
  • Obesity is a very real problem in the United States. Statistics from the CDC show that one-third of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese. By finding a pediatrician for your children, you can help keep them on track. A pediatric physician can monitor your child’s growth and their weight, helping you to form a sensible diet and activity regime.

What to Do if You Cannot Afford a Pediatric Physician
Unfortunately, cost represents a huge obstacle for many American families. According to the NY Times, 15.4% of Americans, nearly 48 million people, have no health insurance. Lacking health insurance is especially dangerous for our children. Consider, children without health insurance are four times less likely to receive regular healthcare than children who are insured. Of course, this leaves them vulnerable to the full array of possible issues.

If you are uninsured, there are ways you can still offer your children the care they deserve. According to HealthCare.gov, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP, may be an option for low-income families who make too much money for Medicaid. However, eligibility is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Whether you are insured or not, finding a pediatric physician for your children is the key to protecting them in so many ways. By using a reputable pediatrician, you set them up to live happy, healthy lives. Research more like this.

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