Crib Safety Tips for Newborns

There’s a lot to remember when caring for a newborn. In this YouTube video, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System discusses safety tips for baby cribs.

The sudden death with an unexplained cause during sleep in children under the age of one year is called sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

There are a few things parents and caregivers can do to make a sleeper sleeping environment for their baby.

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During sleep time, babies should always be placed flat on their back. If the baby falls asleep in a car seat or other location, put the baby on their back in a safe sleeping place as soon as possible.

While sleeping in the crib, positioners, wedges, loose sheets, bumpers, soft toys, or blankets should never be used. Never put a hat or a bib on the baby while sleeping. Only dress the baby in up to two layers of clothes. The room temperature should be kept warm enough that it’s comfortable for an adult.

While sharing the same room as the infant is encouraged, never let babies sleep in the same bed as the parents.

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