Do You Know How or When to Take a COVID Test

The video talks about the rapid antigen Covid test and how there has been a push in certain parts of Canada to get more of these tests into people’s hands. People should have them available so that they can take the tests on demand when the time is right. These rapid antigen tests look for antibodies against Covid-19.

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A positive test means that the testee has likely been infected with covid-19, and his or her body has created antibodies against it.

Anyone who has one or several symptoms of covid-19 should consider taking a rapid antigen test to be on the safe side. Symptoms such as fatigue, sore throat, and headaches are examples of symptoms that might prompt the desire to take a rapid test. People who want to go to events where lots of people will be present can also do themselves a favor by taking the test. Some establishments or job sites might require their workers to take tests before they come into their shifts. That’s another reason for taking the rapid antigen test.

Many people can now get the rapid antigen test for free at various store locations. The entire test can be started and finished in approximately five minutes.

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