Psychologist vs Psychiatrist vs Doctors

if you think you need to find a psychiatrist, watch this video to learn how to differentiate one from other kinds of medical professionals.

A psychiatrist specializes in behavioral health just like a psychologist, but there a number of distinct differences between the two. A psychiatrist is someone who goes through the same steps as a general doctor. They are able to do things like surgeries and baby deliveries, but they specialize in all things behavior and mind.

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They are required to go through all the schooling and residency that a normal doctor is required to do.

A psychologist does not have to go through the same process. They have doctorates, or PhD’s in their field but they do not go through the residency and extra steps that psychiatrists have to do. They are not certified as medical doctors as they get their doctorate from 4 years of extra school rather than all the extra years that a medical doctor is required to do. Although both specialize in the mind and behaviors associated with it, they differ in their level of expertise.

To find a psychiatrist you want to make sure you are looking in the right place. A lot of the time people mix these two different titles and it can lead to confusion.

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