When to Go to the ER and When to Go to Urgent Care

If you are in need of quick and efficient 24 hour urgent care, you should consider how to find the best place for you or your child. If your sudden illness or injury is something that cannot wait to be seen by your primary care physician, then using a 24 hour urgent care facility might be the best choice at the time. If your situation involves critical needs that are complex, you may need to go to an emergency room.

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There are some symptoms that are best evaluated in an emergency room setting because they have the proper equipment to diagnose and treat serious issues that arise. If you or someone you love is experiencing chest pain or difficulty breathing, paired with sudden loss of balance or fainting, going to an emergency room near you may be important to treat the problem right away. If you go to a local 24 hour urgent care clinic, they may end up sending you to the emergency room themselves if they cannot help immediately. If there is an altered mental state suddenly, severe headache or heart palpitations, you should also visit the emergency room.


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