What Does a General Practitioner Do?

This video is to give viewers a basic understanding of what general practitioners are and what they do. General practitioners are people in the medical field who treat acute and chronic illnesses and provide education on how to treat these illnesses. When it comes to dealing with these illnesses it is always best to consult someone in the medical field because they have the extensive training, knowledge, and skill to treat you and help in your healing process.

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There is a holistic approach to what general practitioners do and it takes into consideration the psychological, biological, and social factors that are accurate to each patient’s illness. That means that each doctor specializes in their care depending on different factors for each patient. Acute and chronic illnesses also vary in range and differ for each patient so it is important and necessary for general practitioners to study and know their patients to get a better understanding of how to treat their illness and what steps they need to take in order to help them heal.

Overall, helping patients along their healing process for their acute or chronic illnesses is the general idea for what general practitioners do and who they are. Watch this video to get a better understanding.


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