What to Expect When You Get Braces

In this humorous video, Emma Louise shows viewers the difference between expectation and reality when living with braces.

Flossing is difficult because braces do not let you easily move dental floss. Unfortunately, braces cause more food than usual to become trapped.

Some people wear braces with rubber bands.

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Because these elastic bands lose their strength over time, which means they need to be changed, sometimes multiple times daily! Furthermore, some people need to remove the elastics to eat. Not only can putting them back be tricky, but it’s also easy to forget to replace them, and those rubber bands can wind up all over the house–much like hairbands!

When it comes to what you can’t eat when you have braces, the list is quite extensive. Chewing gum, hard candy, hard fruit like apples can not only break the brackets in your braces but even damage your teeth. Even food that’s safe to eat with braces can cause pain after a trip to the orthodontist to have the braces tightened.

Of course, braces can make a person feel self-conscious no matter their age, but most people don’t care or even notice braces as much as expected!.

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