Why Are So Many American Workers Suffering From Burnout Lately?

Stress burnout symptoms

Stress creeps up on you. You may not think much of that sleepless night or your shaky appetite over the week, but ignoring these warning signs can cause you to experience burnout. What is burnout?

Learning about burnout is the first step you need to take in order to avoid coming down with it yourself. This condition affects millions of Americans every year, irregardless of profession or hours per week worked, and can cause you to lose weeks of your life at a time. Some industries, however, have boasted higher rates of depression and burnout than others. Whatever you decide to do this year to manage your health better, whether it’s eating better or getting more consistent sleep, be sure to brush up on basic stress psychology so you’re always prepared for the long road ahead.

Burnout can be prevented. Learn how below.

What Is Burnout?

Burnout symptoms and recovery are an increasingly common subject broached by both professionals and therapy patients. This is due to the United States facing some of the worst incidents of burnout yet seen in the country’s history. Physicians and therapists, in particular, have a higher rate of anxiety and depression than even other stressful professions. A recent study found medical students report a rate of depression up to 30% higher than the average population. Burnout is a condition that causes overwhelming mental and physical fatigue, brought on by chronic stress, difficult mental health and poor living habits.

What Are The Symptoms Of Being Overtired?

Learning about the symptoms of being overtired will help you spot the warning signs quicker. This is essential to mitigating your rates of stress throughout the week rather than letting it build day after day, leading to burnout, unchecked aggression or suicidal thoughts. Struggling to either fall asleep or stay asleep multiple times per week is a common sign you’re starting to fall out of touch with your own energy levels. Trouble concentrating, becoming invested in your work or constant mood swings you can’t explain are also symptoms of being overtired.

What Are Causes Of Workplace Anger?

Workplace anger is difficult to deal with. The last thing you want to do is come off as a liability to your co-workers or manager, potentially costing you hours or even your job entirely. Neglecting this anger, however, is a recipe for disaster. Learning how to handle anger in the workplace means reaching out to a peer group and attending regular therapy to vent your feelings in a safe and understanding space. Two-thirds of both men and women have stated in a recent survey work has a significant impact on their stress levels.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Stress?

Stress is more than just feeling under the weather. The long-term effects of stress can negatively impact your mental and physical health before you know it, putting you out of work and even in the hospital. Physicians have been found to have a 20% higher divorce rate than the general population. A Medscape Physician Lifestyle survey also found female physicians rating themselves higher on the burnout scale than their male counterparts. Unchecked stress can increase your risk of early onset heart disease, heart failure and liver disease.

How Can I Better Manage My Stress?

When you start to recognize the symptoms of being overtired but are at a loss on what to do, digging up resources on job burnout and job stress can prevent you from facing burnout. If you’re already facing burnout it’s imperative you reach out to a counselor that understands what you’re going through. Just like committing to a new diet or developing a new skill having another eye to look over your progress and provide encouragement can mean all the difference. Workplace stress causes an estimated one million American workers to miss work every single day. Mental health days are also being taken more than ever.

What are your symptoms? Be honest with yourself this week and start your road to recovery before burnout rears its head.

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