Why You Shouldn’t Put Off LASIK Eye Surgery This Fall

laser eye surgeonLASIK eye surgery is an incredibly popular corrective eye surgery in the United States. Across the country, nearly 596,000 LASIK surgeries were performed nationally in 2015 alone. But why is LASIK so popular?

LASIK eye surgery offers vision correction in as short as 30 minutes and the results are nearly instantaneous. While it takes a number of weeks for the eyes to heal, patients can often return to work within two days although athletes are recommended to rest for longer.

For those still on the fence regarding whether or not to get LASIK eye surgery, here’s why you shouldn’t wait to consider your vision correction options.

Travel without fear of breaking your only source of clarity

With autumn now upon us, the desire to go out and see the wonderful colors of fall foliage on an adventurous hike or on a chairlift is at its height. Traveling with glasses isn’t impossible, but the risk of losing or breaking your glasses while trying to experience the wonders of nature definitely increases when you’re away from a familiar environment.

What’s worse is traveling with eye contacts and having your lens solution leaking all over your bag. Should you run out of solution or lose one of your contacts, you can only hope you brought your glasses along with you for backup.

LASIK eye surgery cuts away all of these fears and reduces your risk of fall vacation travesty. With 20/20 vision, you don’t need to worry about keeping your contact solution upright in your bag or losing your glasses while looking down over hundreds of feet of maple trees.

You don’t have to worry about drying out your eyes

With colder weather comes dryer air. If you don’t notice the effect on your skin, you’ll definitely notice the effect on your contacts. Nothing’s quite as irritating as dry contacts on your eyes.

A professional laser eye surgeon may not be able to help you peel a particularly stubborn contact from the surface of your eye, but they can definitely help you from needing to deal with that situation in the future.

To increase your chances of enjoying your fall vacation without losing your glasses, contacts, or dealing with the effects of horribly dry air, contact a laser eye surgeon today to consider your options. You may be surprised what a laser eye surgeon can do for you.

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