What You Should Know For CDL Medical Exams

If you are interested in learning more about CDL medical exams, you should consider some words of advice from a professional in the field. You may want to know the requirements for being a CDL holder, especially the medical implications that are involved. If you are a CDL driver, you are required by the DOT to follow certain steps to ensure your safety while driving on the job.

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A CDL Medical exam is required, and a CDL Medical card needs to be signed and filled out, for a CDL permit to be issued. The CDL medical exam requires all drivers to have a certain standard of correctable vision in each eye, meaning if glasses are needed they can be used. Another parameter is that a drug test must be passed, and the driver cannot be a diabetic that needs a needle injected insulin shot regularly. The blood sugar level of this type of driver must be under a certain number, generally around 200, and there is a restriction of no drug use allowed. These are some basic guidelines, and you should contact your doctor to examine if you could meet the Department of Transportation requirements.

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